The Creative Process

The team at Expert 3D Renderings acknowledges each project as a unique, multi-faceted challenge that requires its own solution for positive results. As a result, it’s important to consider that the methods and requirements may vary from project to project based on what the project entails. A basic rundown of the 3D rendering creative process, including what a client can expect can be found below:

      • Submit CAD files, blueprints and sketches to our team for an initial quote. For 3D interior design projects submission of room, furniture and texture photographs and for 3D exterior design projects photographs and site plans help speed up the process. Furthermore, accurate dimensions, elevations and floor plans will help bring your vision to reality.
      • You will be contacted for a project briefing. During this briefing, please provide specific details and expectations so that we can represent your ideas clearly.
      • A quote will be devised, we will discuss pay terms and create a rendering agreement for your acceptance.
      • An initial preview rendering will be provided prior to the delivery of the final rendering. Here you are welcome to provide some feedback and to make sure the work is headed in the right direction.
      • The final 3D rendering will be delivered via email as a high resolution .MOV or .JPG file. The Expert 3D Renderings watermark will be removed upon final payment.
      • 3D_LivingRoom_Wireframe_Rendering

        Contact us for a detailed assessment of your project requirements and we’ll walk through the creative process together!