Top 5 Reasons Why 3D Renderings Are Beneficial


As a client, how can you make sure you aren’t paying for design work you don’t want? Simple: making sure you know what you’re getting before you have it created. There is no better way to understand and feel how a new design may look like once finished than through the use of a 3D rendering. Instead of having to rely on your imagination to see if the bathroom door will be far enough from the kitchen, a 3D rendering allows you to virtually walk through to your home before even approving any specs or design. Want to know what your living room may look like with bay windows? Not an issue. Want to check out the view from the window? Not an issue. Changed your mind and want to see the environment with different windows? Not an issue. 3D design is a fast and efficient way to get involved in every part of the design process. When architects or interior designers actually design with you, the client, and present the other, different, or better options, you’ll be better equipped to make an informed decision on a design that is perfect for you. What this means for you is that you should ask your architect to see if they are willing to provide 3D renderings. It’s always a good idea to ask when you’re interviewing potential candidates and take a look at their examples of drawings and 3D presentations. 3D renderings as a whole are becoming an industry standard and finding a 3D design firm shouldn’t be hard. We’re here to help if you need it too, just contact us to inquire! Here are five reasons why 3D renderings can be beneficial for you:

  • 2D floor plans and elevations can be difficult to understand. Many people are able to get the general idea from a 2D floor plan but have trouble visualizing how the design may look. Being able to see and experience the design in 3D will help people understand how everything will end up being once finished. The more you understand the design, the more comfortable you will be when making decisions.
  • Designs change and evolve, being able to see the final product allows for better decision making when it comes to making changes. Making an informed decision and being able to visualize everything will allow for a much better end result that will be more cost efficient in the long run.
  • Design review boards respond more positively to presentations that include 3D renderings. The 3D renderings tend to show how a building relates to the existing environment or to a neighbor’s home. As a result, this becomes a very powerful tool when you’re seeking a design approval.
  • 3D designs can help cut down the cost of construction. Reducing the amount of changes that need to be made during construction can help save both time and money. This is typically hard to do until you really understand what the space will look and feel like, fortunately that is exactly where 3D renderings can help.
  • It helps you avoid paying for work that you don’t want. Once you have a clear understanding of your project before the construction begins, you can significantly reduce the amount of unnecessary changes made overall. This means you aren’t paying for unnecessary work.

Now that you understand some of the benefits of 3D renderings, you have to remember that its not just the software that helps create the right 3D rendering, it’s the professional behind the software that pulls everything together. The design professionals at Expert 3D Renderings will help design, review plans, improve details and listen to everything you want done in your project.

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